About Me

Climbing the clock tower of Nashua’s Hunt Building with photographer Don Himsel

After writing an estimated 5,000 bylined articles and receiving leading journalism industry recognition – including the New England Press Association’s Journalist of the Year honor – I not long ago entered the marketing sector, where I shape clients’ undeveloped and sometimes complicated ideas into understandable and persuasive content.

I write stories for Mass General Hospital’s charitable arm and educational institute, and Boston College’s newspaper, The Chronicle. I also write all types of marketing materials for businesses, including IBM, Acquia, ADP, MasterCard, HubSpot, Personetics and many other recognizable brand names. I also still dabble in journalism, writing stories for magazines and news services.

Writing is arguably the most rewarding profession this side of playing point guard for the Boston Celtics. I intend to use this website as a gateway to my writings – published and unpublished – and share the journeys taken to put black on white.