Marketing Content

Massachusetts General Hospital

Innovation and charitable giving are pushing medicine forward at Mass General Hospital. Read my stories for the hospital’s Giving website.


IBM IT Biz Advisor

I write thought-leadership pieces on technology for IBM. Check out my contributor page.


Comcast Business

Here’s a case study I wrote about Ethernet advancing digital learning in public schools. Click here.

The San Francisco 49ers win a WiFi championship with Ethernet. Read the case study.



An eBook on digital efforts to help people save money. Learn more here.



Learn how to build a better security sandcastle in a white paper I wrote. Read it here.

And here’s a blog post on how cybersecurity calls for a collective approach in organizations. Click here.



I ghostwrote a Cloud Computing World article on the power of chatbots. Check out page 20 of the slide show presentation.



I wrote an eBook on how data analytics will help companies retain their customers. Here’s the eBook.



WiFi security at the recent summer Olympics presented a ripe opportunity for WiFi and cellular communication hijacking. Take a jump to the content here.



The DevOps pipeline doesn’t have to disjointed. I ghostwrote a blog post on how companies can fix their pipelines. Learn more.